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Mahogany Wooden Gun Rack Stand Rifle Shotgun Two Piece Table Top Mantle Display

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Mahogany Wooden Gun Rack Stand Table Top Mantle Display

Show your antique firearm, single barrel  long rifle, shotgun, or lever action gun on this handsome solid Mahogany table top display. Made in USA , gloss finish, each movable base measures 3 1/2" by 6' inches, left hanger 5" overall height,  right hanger 6 1/8"  overall height, choose 1 1/2" inch, or 2"  diameter openings, left stock rest measures 3 1/2" inches from bottom of saddle to table surface, right barrel rest measures 4 1/2" inches from bottom of saddle to table surface. design (c) 2003-2023



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