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Cherry Wooden Gun Rack Stand Table Top Presentation Display - Rifle Shotgun Lever

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Cherry Wooden "Freedom" Gun Rack Stand Table Top Mantle Display - Rifle, Shotgun, or Lever action

Show your antique firearm, single barrel rifle, shotgun, double barrel shotgun, long rifle, or lever action gun on this handsome solid cherry wood table top universal presentation display. Made in USA, gloss finish, each moveable base measures 3 1/2" by 6' inches, left hanger 4 5/8" by 7" inches height, 1/2" opening at base flaring to over 2" inches with depth for optional lever, right hanger 4 5/8" by 8" inches height, 1 1/2" inches to over 2" inches flared opening for barrel rest. design (c) 2003-2024 all rights reserved

Handmade without the use of a CNC machine


Most Lever Actions, Black Powder, Ubeti, Henry, Winchester,  Ruger, Savage, Remington, Marlin, New England, Nosler, Weatherby, Dechutes, Bushmaster, Benelli, Holland & Holland rifles, most double barrels, side by side shotguns & more.

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