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Black Rustic Wooden Gun Rack Stand Table Top Display - Rifle Shotgun Lever

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Black Rustic Pine Wooden "Freedom" Gun Rack Stand Table Top Mantel Display - Rifle, Shotgun, or Lever action

Show your antique firearm, single barrel rifle, shotgun, double barrel shotgun, long rifle, or lever action gun on this handsome solid pine universal presentation display. distressed finish with blemishes & imperfections for an aged look, each movable base measures 3 1/2" by 6' inches, left hanger 4 5/8" by 7" inches height, 1/2" opening with depth for lever (optional), right hanger, 4 5/8" by 8" inches height, 1 1/2" inch  flared opening for barrel rest  design (c) 2003-2021 all rights reserved


Most Lever Actions, Black Powder, Uberti, Henry, Winchester,  Ruger, Savage, Remington, Marlin, New England, Nosler, Weatherby, Dechutes, Bushmaster, Benelli, Holland & Holland rifles, most double barrels, side by side shotguns, ARs and more. 


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